Playoff PICK’EM POOL = *FINAL LINES* (Conference Championships)

Here are the *FINAL LINES* for the Conference Championships of the Playoff PICK’EM Pool  –  email all picks to either address:


I’m listing both because I’ve been emailing from both to numerous emails.  Hence, that this being easier to post on blog instead of having to track down everyones emails and emailing out lines, standings, picks, etc…


New rules apply for Conference Championships:

• Only 1 confidence pick; spread OR total (optional)

• Confidence Pick correct = +2
• Confidence Pick wrong = -1

• Regular Pick correct = 1
• Regular pick wrong = 0



*FINAL LINES*  –  Conference Championships:

• DEN Broncos (-5.5)  -vs-  NE Patriots (+5.5)  =  O/U 56

• SEA Seahawks (-3.5)  -vs-  SF 49ers (+3.5)  =  O/U 39



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