Umpire OVER/UNDER streakers ((08.04.13))

Umpire OVER/UNDER streakers record is 31-13-2 since I started posting these daily.

I did today’s @ GiLzBlog because it’s a lot for today.  You’ll also see Umpire OVER AND UNDER streakers  –  meaning the coin flip is your call . . .


Umpire OVER streakers; Layne 5-0 L5 Sundays (CHC/LAD)


Umpire UNDER streakers; Darling 8-1-1 L10 (MIL/WAS), Gorman 6-1-1 L8 / 5-1 L6 Sundays (BAL/SEA), Kulpa 23-6-1 L30 Sundays (PIT/COL), Reynolds 9-1 L10 Sundays (MIN/HOU), Danley 20-4-1 L25 / 6-0 L6 Sundays (PHI/ATL)


Umpire OVER & UNDER streaker; Davis 5-0 UNDER L5 / Davis 5-1 OVER L6 Sundays (LAA/TOR), Wolf 11-1-1 OVER L13 Interleague / Wolf 7-1 UNDER L8 (NYM/KC), Marquez 5-1 OVER L6 Sundays / Marquez 5-1 UNDER L6 games



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