Q & A = #MLB Starting Pitchers

A couple days back, I asked GiLz Tweet’ers to list some pitchers they were curious if they are BounceBack/LetDown material or any other trends, strengths, weaknesses that may stick out.

Here’s the first 10 pitchers tweeted to me; Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Max Scherzer, Ubaldo Jimenez, Justin Masterson, Jonny Cueto, Chad Billingsley, Trevor Cahill, Randy Wolf, Matt Cain.


• TIM HUDSON  =  #BounceBack start Last 3 Years after allowing 4+ER or more; 16-3 (4 ND) 2.03 ERA/1.06 WHIP

• MAX SCHERZER  =  #Strength(s)  Max Scherzer -vs- AL West L3 years; 12-2 (4 ND) 3.02 ERA/1.20 WHIP; 9.9 K/9 ratio in those 18 starts.

• UBALDO JIMENEZ  =  #LetDown start after pitching a Quality Start since he was traded to Indians, Aug. 2011; 5-16 (2 ND) 6.43 ERA/1.60 WHIP

• JOHNNY CUETO  =  #Strength(s)  Cueto is 19-5 2.03 ERA/1.09 WHIP the L3 years in Day Game starts.  Cueto stats the L3 years -vs- the NL Central Bottom Dwellers (Cubs/Pirates) is 12-3 (6 ND) 1.79 ERA/1.00 WHIP

• JUSTIN MASTERSON  =  #Weakness  Masterson has been owned by the AL West the L3 years; 3-8 (7 ND) 5.91 ERA/1.65 WHIP.  Also to note, Masterson has had a horrendous career -vs- the Tampa Bay Rays; 1-7 (2 ND) 7.74 ERA/1.97 WHIP.  Masterson fits the rotation to start against the Rays next Sunday, April 7th.

• MATT CAIN  =  One of my FAVORITE #BounceBack pitchers in Baseball:  In the 47 games Matt Cain has started @ home the L3 years, only once has he allowed back-to-back 3+ER outings.  Here’s his BounceBack stats in a Home Start after allowing 3+ER @ Home the L3 years; 11-4 (2 ND) 1.69 ERA/0.95 WHIP.  The 4 losses, the Giants scored 1, 2, 1, 0 in 9 innings of play.

• CHAD BILLINGSLEY  =  I can’t find any strengths, weakness, or solid trends go off of.  He’s average in in splits/stats throughout the board.  Career wise & L3 years.  Worth a fade if he starts -vs- the Angels in interleague play as he’s 1-5 career, ERA almost @ 5 and a WHIP @ 1.5.  And worth a fade when starting @ Coors where he’s 1-6 lifetime, 7.26 ERA/1.92 WHIP

• RANDY WOLF  =  Seems like whenever Randy Wolf is starting, the OVER is a solid play.  Last year he started 30 games with the total amount of runs scored in his starts was 318.  318 / 30 = 10.6 runs per game.  2011 was a bit of a solid year, runs per game wise, as RPG in his starts was 7.78 but the year before that, in 2010, RPG in his starts was 10.

• TREVOR CAHILL  =  Also nothing to really note of Cahill.  2nd year pitching @ Chase Field where he was 7-7 last year, 4.68 ERA/1.43 WHIP

Here’s some other pitchers stashed in my vault  –  some of these I’ve tweeted out recently…

• IAN NOVA  =  one of my favorites to fade & play TeamTotals against is IAN NOVA after Quality Start; #LetDown spot his next start after Quality Start  =  6.32 ERA / 1.65 WHIP.  He has about a .500 W/L record due to the Yankees always giving him great run support, one of the best in the MLB.  Which leads me to the next pitcher in GiLzVault…

• CC Sabathia  =  CC Sabathia has received more run support the L3 years then any pitcher in MLB; 2010 / 5.68, 2011 / 5.58, 2012 / 5.71 = AVG 5.66 RunSupport

• IAN KENNEDY  =  #BounceBack from the Vault; Ian Kennedy bounce back start after allowing 2+ HomeRuns in a game; 10-3, 2.40 ERA. Didn’t allow HR in 11 of 16 situations

• LUKE HOCHEVAR  =  If he comes back to the rotation, we should throw a Welcome Back Party; statline on one of my favorite fades, ever.  #LetDown Luke Hochevar road start after home quality start since 2008; 2-13 (4 ND) 6.39 ERA/1.58 WHIP

• EDINSON VOLQUEZ  =  #LetDown  stats in start after pitching Quality Start the L3 years; 4-7 (6 ND) 7.10 ERA/1.89 WHIP

• JON NIESE  =  #BounceBack  stats in start after allowing 4+ER the L3 years; 8-2 (2 ND) 1.82 ERA/1.15 WHIP

• JAMES SHIELDS  =  #Strength(s)  Shields loves the month of April. L3 years; 9-1, 2.85 ERA/1.15 WHIP. Career in April; 16-4, 3.08 ERA/1.12 WHIP


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