GiLz #NCAAB ((02.05.13))

GiLz #NCAAB  ((02.05.13))
• Michigan -7.5  =  [2U]
• Villanova (1H) -1.5  =  [2U]
• Mizz State (1H) +7  =  [2U]
• Wichita State -10
• Wake Forest (1H) +7

> ’12-’13 *YTD* = 238-195 (55%) @ +42.05 unit$
> 52-30 [2U] plays



**** GiLzBreakdown ****

> I said this a few weeks back when Michigan lost @ Ohio State, the calendar day was circled up for a [2U] BounceBack play… and even better with the BounceBack as they just lost their #1 seed to Indiana over the weekend.

> Posted last nigh to The Twitter Villanova’s L14 1st half games -vs- DePaul’s L14 1st half games = Villanova (1H) 12-2 ATS L14 games / DePaul 5-9 (1H) ATS L14 games. Been playing the Villanova 1st half trend for a while now and it matches up nicely (what looks to be nicely) tonight @ DePaul.

> Mizz State is one of the surprise teams (ATS teams by all means) in the country as they seem to keep on covering. This 1st Half trend with them as been money all year long pretty much. They take there 10-3 (1H) ATS L13 record -vs- a Northern Iowa team who has covered 4 straight 1st halves @ home, but are coming off a big win -vs- then #15 Wichita State. I think a letdown spot could be in for Northern Iowa… but the main play here is Mizz State’s 1st Half play. 6 of their 10 covers was SU going into 2nd half.

> Wichita State is a BounceBack spot -vs- the worst team in the Missouri Valley Conference…

> Wake Forest (1H) is following what I uncovered this past weekend and saw them take a loss – Wake Forest is 10-4 (1H) ATS L14 games.


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