First [3U] Basketball Play of the Year…

…and it comes in the #NBA?! Weird.  I know.  But in regards to this being a holiday, I’ve been able to look for a gem… and I believe I found one.  Let me start off with the Rockets, due to everyone stressin’ that I’m rockin’ an OVER including the Bobcats.

Have the Rockets in bounce back form as they posted their worst shooting performance on the year, and scored only 79 -vs- the T’Wolves, 26 below their season average of 105.  Their 7 game losing streak has them averaging only 94PPG.  Before that 7 game skid, they have a 5 game winning streak, with an Average of 116PPG.  Rule of the betting thumb is avoid streaks, don’t get stuck in the middle.  Well, not going to side with the skidding Rockets but playing the OVER here as the bounceback should get them over 100 -vs- a Bobcats team allowing 104PPG.  Rockets also allow 104PPG.  I’ve been on the sidelines of NBA wagering, but I’ve been paying attention to the refs in action on the O/U side of things.  All 3 refs going tonight have more overs then unders this year and ref Scot Polnick is reffing in only his 7th game this year; he’s 5-1 YTD to the OVER.  With how bad the Bobcats have been skidding these past 2 months, they are still 5pts away from averaging 100 on the year (95PPG)  – the Bobcats haven’t played a game with a total set this high all year; large part of that is on the Rockets with them only failing to score OVER 100 3 times in 2013.  James Harden has had 3 straight games where he failed to shoot over 30% from the floor.  He will be a key part in this team getting going today.  These are the 2 worst defenses in the league.  And I look at how poor a defense is when rolling with an OVER before looking how well an offense is.  This is what led me to dig into this game, and based off numbers, this is a big play for me.  All statistical, nothing situational.

My NBA betting is nothing spectacular this year; I am 8-8 YTD, -2.10 units, 1-2 on [2U] plays.

So you may want to tail with caution.  Just to inform you, Tweet’ers.


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