Let’s GO Baylor = GiLz #NCAAB ((01.14.13))

GiLz #NCAAB  ((01.14.13))
• Baylor +11 = [2U]

> ’12-’13 *YTD*  =  166-127 (57%) @ +44.95 unit$
> 39-19 [2U] plays


Went 2-2 yesterday, dropping -0.30 units overall.  That’s back-to-back losing days in quite some time.  The horrendous play between Miami/Maryland was just as frustrating as losing the [2U] Maryland wager.  Terripans lost by 7, had ’em @ +6, the game in general was too ugly too watch, rather follow on my sports APP.  Arizona State was an easy cover, going 1-1 on the [2U] market.  Evansville was a straight up winner, and the OVER between Northwestern/Iowa was dead going into the 2nd half.  I am laying off full game totals for a bit… will only hit 2H totals, if I like ’em enough.  That’s about the 5th straight full game OVER that I dropped in a row.

Anyways… on to today’s short card, but I think I found a gem….


BAYLOR +11  =  The last time these 2 teams squared off, Baylor upset the Jayhawks to advance to the Big 12 final.  They were +6.5 dogs that outing, -vs- a much more talented Jayhawks team.  Somehow, Coach Self has perpelled this team into another fantastic start to the season after losing some big name, key players.  Now Baylor comes into Allen Fieldhouse where Kansas hasn’t lost a home game in 31 straight.  I believe the oddsmakers look at this game and pinned it at the 10/11 with pressure on Kansas to keep the streak going.  If you look back at the last couple games played @ Allen Fieldhouse, you’ll see Kansas’ favor drop in points each outing; -15.5 -vs- Richmond, -12.5 -vs- Temple, -11.5 -vs- Iowa State.  Kansas covered -vs- Richmond, but didn’t cover against Temple & Iowa State.  Now, the line is +10 most places, and I feel that it’s a good spot for Kansas to again have a tight game played against them as Baylor matches up well.  This game -vs- the last game (played on 3/9/12) is different in a few ways, mainly both teams losing players to the pros.  Kansas lost Thomas Robinson & Tyshawn Taylor / Baylor lost Perry Jones & Quincy Acy.  McLemore is an all world freshman guard for the Jayhawks this year, and Baylor’s guard Pierre Jackson may try and show that he is the best player on the court tonight.  Kid averages 19.2PPG.  A little concern is raised, for me, knowing that Kansas has all the talent in the world to run away with this only because they looked really bored their last outing -vs- Texas Tech.  And they had to mount a comeback the game before -vs- Iowa State which I thought would’ve gave them some extra juice when they went to Lubbock.  They only put up 60 and won the game by 14 and failed to cover; Baylor was there 2 weeks ago, and won by 35.  Now Baylor is in a situation where Kansas could turn it up, to kick any bordem they may have.  Baylor in itself looked bored last game -vs- TCU only putting up 51, 26 below their season average PPG  –  the Baylor Bears have had an oddball year all around, losing games outright as DD favorites, knocking off Kentucky @ Kentucky.  Baylor’s best bet to stay in this game, within the 10/11pts is to play Baylor ball.  Score in bunches.  Control the paint – they average 9 more PPG in the paint then their opponents.  You look at the all time series between these 2 teams and you pause for concern when you see Kansas is 18-3 -vs- Baylor.  However, to help unpause that cause for concern, just know that Baylor is 7-1 their L8 games played @ Kansas’ Allen Fieldhouse.


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