Cincy Bearcats Basketball went all 2nd half domination to ensure the bounce back victory I anticipated…

With that winning, I am adding another [2U] play for today… and YES, another +DOG


NEW MEXICO +5  =  New Mexico as a +DOG – sign me up.  I failed to supprot the Lobo +DOG last outing -vs- Cincy, I only sided with them for a (1H) play.  You have 5-0 records pinned against one another; New Mexico 5-0 with 3+days of rest Saint Louis 5-0 L5 played.  But just like the earlier play with backing Cincy @ PITT, you have Saint Louis facing it’s toughest opponent to date… next inline you can argue Washington, which Saint Louis lost, or even the scrappy Broncos out in Santa Clara which they lost to their 2nd game of the year.  These Lobos do have a “lookahead” game on deck, -vs- UNLV, MWC game… but that’s not for another 10 days.  A nice little nuggest I uncovered is during Steve Alford’s stay @ New Mexico, since 2007, his team has only scored under 60 points 10 times.  His teams bounce back AVG PPG the following game = 76 PPG.  His motion offense (2out/3in) is a key component of course to the bounce back PPG, and if teams go zone defense then the zone offense has historically produced the same.


This game is both situational & statistical based [2U] play… New Mexico Lobo Basketball as a +DOG is good lookin’, to me, anyways.


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